Voodoo Priest

We have very famous voodoo priests who are well experienced in voodoo practices

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Voodoo Healing

Our Voodoo healers protect you from revenge, witches, evil spirits, bad health

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Voodoo Priestess

Voodoo woman ensures women are given protection from evil effects of vodou

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About Voodoo

Voodoo means “spirit “ and is one of the world's oldest ancestral nature honouring traditions. It is basically a sensationalized pop culture of Voudon, which is an Afro- Caribbean religion.


Voodoo Practices and Rituals across the World

Much like what we have seen in a movie, there is an unknown history to the concept of voodoo and how and why it was practiced. The followers of voodoo originated from Haiti and to this day can be found in Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Caribbean Countries, Africa, Haiti, Brazil, The United States, New Orleans etc. There is a common saying among the Haitians that Haitians are 100 percent Voodoo.

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Voodoo is a collection of folk medical practices wherein a system of ethics has passed on across generations. These include proverbs, stories, songs, and folklore, while there are some historians who suggest that voudon is larger than life and it is more than just a belief. The followers of this belief believe that there is a universal energy that can leave your body during dreams and spirit possession. While in Christianity, this act is considered an act of evil, voudon founds this possession by loa desirable. With the right guidance, this can be an unusual experience that connects your soul to the spirit world. In Haiti, voodoo is the dominant religion.

Voodoo Spells and practices

The ceremony generally begins with a Roman Catholic prayer. There are drummers involved who play syncopated rhythms. Attendees dance around with the rising pulse of the beat. The priest draws sacred symbols and then calls on the spirits and honors them. She is then entered by a mother spirit and has no longer control over her body. At a voodoo ceremony, the believers gather outdoor to make contact with the loa, something similar to Greek Gods. There is also an essential need to care for the beloved to honor a Chief God – Bondieu.

Voodoo Priest or Priestess

During the ceremony, the priest (houngan or mambo) performing sacrifices an animal to the loa, and then the participants ask the spirits for help or advice. The loa can directly communicate prophecies and advice while the believer is possessed. The killing of the animals is not of significance but the transfer of life energy back to the loa.

Voodoo Doll

Voodoo practitioners make voodoo dolls to heal the believers by communicating them with their loved ones. But there has often been used for revenge purposes rather than positive healing. The idea behind these effigy dolls is used as a channel for evil forces which comes from the heart of western civilization; the ancient Middle East. Their structure is generally crass shape with two arms sticking out and is easily sold in touristy places of New Orleans. The Haitians started this tradition as part of the tradition brought from West Africa. When these people were forced to be slaves, they brought their rituals involving dolls with them. When hung from cemeteries, they open the lines of communication between the recently departed. On the other hand, when they are put on the trees upside down, the intent is to make the creator sop care for them.

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